Taking the steps towards booking a boudoir experience can be a nerve wracking thing. Choosing the right photographer is such an important decision. This type of photoshoot requires a lot of trust so I want to be able to give you as much information as possible to ease your worries. Here are some common concerns and questions that get asked a lot:

"i'm awkward and am worried about posing!"

I pride myself on creating a super relaxed, positive environment where you can be 100% yourself. Don't you worry about posing, that's my job! I guide you through posing the entire session, head to toe!

"i don't know what to wear! what should i bring?"

I send you a full prep guide that gives you out of the box ideas of things to bring, including non-lingerie options and absolutely nothing (just the sheets is my favourite look!) I have a small client closet so you are more than welcome to look through it!

"i don't have a partner to gift this to"

While it's common to gift boudoir images to a partner, ultimately this should be an experience for YOU. If you do have a partner and you want to share them, then lucky them! But I want you to think of this as a gift to yourself first and foremost.

"i just want a few images"

I strongly believe that just a few images does not fully represent the whole experience. Trust me when I say that it can be veryyy hard to narrow it down. Digital galleries are included in my signature collections which gives you the best of both words: tangible products + digital images. I truly believe in tangible products; pieces of art that you can touch and feel to incapsulate the magic that we created.

"i don't want my
images online"

I have 4 image release options: full release, select release (you choose which images you are okay with me sharing), anonymous release (images not showing face or defining features) and no release. You are under no obligation to let me share your images! While I loooove showcasing my beautiful clients, I respect everyone's privacy and totally understand wanting to keep your images to yourself. All images that I show are from people who have given their consent.

are you ready?